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For anyone with eco-friendly ideals as well as a penchant for high style, Dreaming Green showcases seventeen inspiring homes across the United States. From Seattle to Austin and New York City to Ft Lauderdale, Dreaming Green reveals homes that are at once luxurious, beautiful, and fashioned inside and out with green materials, design, and details.

Lavishly photographed, Dreaming Green also boasts an invaluable resource section - a boon to anyone embarking on making a green home, renovating a current residence into one, or just dreaming about doing so. Dreaming Green is both a practical guide and a rich source of inspiration.

About the Authors
Lisa Sharkey was Good Morning America's senior producer and is now senior vice president and director of creative development at Harper Collins. Her husband, LEED-accredited architect Paul Gleicher, is the founder and president of Gleicher Design Group, a prestigious architectural and design firm in New York City.

Dreaming Green Eco-Fabulous Homes Designed to Inspire released on November 18, 2008.

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